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I’m sure by now most of you have heard rumors that I am retiring from practice so I can pursue the teaching career I’ve been establishing on the seminar circuit. It is with a great variety of mixed emotions that I can confirm this is NOT a rumor.

I’ve been blessed these 31 years since opening my practice in Bedford. I have an incredible patient base that I have grown to love. Many of you have already heard the story of how I arrived at the decision to retire. I have not had the appropriate opportunity to explain to the rest of you. The trust you have placed in me since 1990 makes the decision a deeply bittersweet one.

I’ve endeavored to combine friendliness and respect with professionalism in my practice. With that in mind I have some suggestions that may make your transition to another provider somewhat easier.

Dr. Michael McGarrah,, has decades of experience. Many of you have already benefited by his expertise during my absence when teaching. He has pursued an incredible amount of post-graduate training and is board certified in orthopedics, sports injuries, rehabilitation, and pain management.

Jill Doyle, PT, DPT, OCS,, is another clinician I have a great deal of faith in. She has already helped many of you. Jill has extensive manual therapy training and is certified in manipulation, Dry Needling, Sportsmetrics, and Graston instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. She has also earned an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification.

These clinicians embody the orientation and skills I highly value. Please remember that I understand either or both of these clinicians may not be a good “fit” for you all; however, please remember it took me a while to learn what technique and treatment approach your body responds to. Please be a “patient” patient during this process, as you have been with me.

I will continue to treat patients up to two days per week as my teaching schedule allows until mid-fall of this year to help this transition process for you all. Please make an appointment with your new provider. I will be happy to visit with them prior to your appointment. Of course your records will be available. For further clarification or whatever you need please contact Courtney or Debra at

One last thing that may really help each of you.  The company I teach Dry Needling for was founded by a physical therapist named Tom Dalonzo-Baker in Raleigh, NC. He established a treatment technique known as Total Motion Release.  TMR is a paradigm-changing approach that can be self-taught and applied at home. I highly urge you to check into it at TREAT YOURSELF (access with Chrome browser) especially if your search for a new clinician becomes lengthy.

Debra, Courtney and I thank each of you for being part of our lives and we sincerely wish the very best for each of you.

Ken Cooper, PT, DC, MDNC